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February 19 - 23


A Solo Exhibition by Tracy von Ahsen

NEW YORK, NY ––  Tracy von Ahsen's analog collage exhibition "Private Views" combines two powerful series to transcend traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to contemplate the intimate nature of the feminine psyche. The fluidity of emotions and the powerful connection between the ocean and the human spirit is explored in the series "Beach Feels". This combined with the series "Framed” gives a rare view of the power that is the intrinsic nature of the female form that is otherwise exploited in our society.

"Private Views" invites you to witness the captivating interplay of Tracy's analog collages through ``Beach Feels" and "Framed". They seamlessly blend elements of the ocean, the female form, and the intangible essence of emotions. Each composition tells a unique story, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own feelings and experiences. Tracy draws inspiration from both her upbringing near the ocean on Long Island, exploring her own sexuality as a queer woman and her conviction to explore the deeps of her own inner world in her spiritual exploration.

With the series "Framed," Tracy delves into the intimate realm of the female form. She invites viewers to contemplate the strength, vulnerability, and beauty that it embodies. The composition lets the viewer see past the sexual nature of the images allowing them to go deeper and contemplate the strength and complexity of the feminine psyche. Through meticulously selected imagery and precise layering, Tracy creates an intimate and limited snapshot view increasing its power and softness.

“Beach Feels” explores the power and depth of the ocean and how it supports and mirrors our own emotional release. Just like we look to the ocean to renew and refresh us "Beach Feels" celebrates the profound influence of the ocean on both our external and internal landscapes. These works invite us to relax and release into the perfectly imperfect nature of life itself. This series is a call to let go of personal preference, relax behind contemplation and take your seat as the watcher of life’s ebbs and flows.

Tracy von Ahsen’s exhibition “Private Views” provides a gateway to the ethereal realm of emotions and self-discovery. It combines spirituality, sexuality and reality in a celebration of life itself.