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March  16 - April 14


A Duo Exhibition by Sylvie Harris & Natalya Kornblum-Laudi

NEW YORK, NY – All Street Gallery is pleased to present Where I lay – an exhibition of artworks by Sylvie Harris and Natalya Kornblum-Laudi. On view from March 16 - April 14, 2024, the show features works spanning textiles, text embroidery, photography, and found object sculpture. Both artists use craft as a means to explore interior spaces, most literally understood as domestic environments, but more symbolically opening a window into their inner lives. The exhibition shares its title with a quilt by Kornblum-Laudi; Where I lay references the quiet intimacy of home, as well as attempts at resolution. 

Both artists’ processes, both materially and symbolically, visualize family connection and passed down constructions of femininity. For example, in her piece Maternal Line, Harris employs a textile sourced from Poland, traditionally used for costumes, and superimposes transparent images of herself, her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, as well as a Polish image of an iconic Polish Madonna painting, Our Lady of Czechostowa. This piece, which displays images of family and religious iconography in the same visual language, puts in parallel her family’s cultural values and broader conversations about feminine ideals.  

Similarly, Kornblum-Laudi’s work draws material inspiration from her childhood home and upbringing. Her piece, Untitled Chair II, with rockers extended and upholstery replaced with embroidered dissolvable fabric, becomes an exaggeration of itself and the handiwork involved in its making, rendering it unusable. The chair’s text imagines a conversation between Margaret Atwood’s Half-Hanged Mary and Iphigenia, both of whom are representations of dark feminine power, resilience, and disobedience. 

Situated behind the chair is Harris’s Smock #4, a delicate and ghostly apron hanging from the ceiling. Similar to the chair, the fragile materials and intricate craft comprising the apron render it unusable for its intended purpose to protect what is underneath. Through the artists’ modification of domestic objects and references to (un)acceptable social and familial roles and self-expression, Harris and Kornblum-Laudi’s artworks can be viewed as studies of feminine duality, its unreachable imagined heights and shadowy depths. The quietness of the works in the exhibition express the power of what is unspoken, both by choice and by compulsion.


About the Artists: 

Sylvie Harris’s work celebrates domesticity while also addressing the challenges of societal expectations within the patriarchy. Harris graduated in 2022 with an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. She was also a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Photography and the recipient of the 2021 Stuart Abelson Graduate Research Fellowship in Krakow, Poland. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

Natalya Kornblum-Laudi (b. 1996, she/her) is a multimedia artist whose work aims to confront the tensions surrounding interpersonal relationships through the interplay of material and text. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018 where she was awarded the TC Colley Scholarship for Excellence in Photography. She has since shown her work in Providence, RI, Upstate New York and New York City. Most recently her quilt, Where I Lay (2023), was featured in the New York Times. 

About All Street Gallery:

Founded in 2018, All Street NYC presents works by emerging and underrepresented artists whose works demonstrate social engagement and community empowerment. First established as an artist collective and grassroots protest organization by born and raised New Yorkers, All Street NYC is a space that is both created by and for artists. Having deep roots in New York City, the gallery and collective share a background in public art and activations as a means of creative protest and resistance. Such socially engaged work has carried into their gallery space as they opened their doors on 77 East Third Street, and as they now open their second location at 119 Hester Street.

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