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September 25 - 29, 2023


Lynne Stephanie Rutherford


Artist Statement
Lynne Rutherford is a Scottish/ Irish Artist living in Brooklyn, New York. She was first taught to paint as a young child by her Grandmother, a Scottish watercolor landscape artist. She has subsequently gone on to work with many mediums creating a unique collection of work.

Her debut solo show encapsulates the evolution of her work over the past 3 years, creating energetic portals to other dimensions with her paintings, collages, and wall hangings. Bright, bold expressions of color course through the work, capturing movement, time, and pulsation of feeling. inviting audiences to question the solidity of things.

Her velvet wall hangings and canvases are created with layers of watercolor, gouache and dye, adding finer details on top. Her collage practice mirrors this layering process, aligning intricately hand cut pieces of inked Yupo paper into precise, symmetrical formations, indicative of patterns in nature, the cosmos, and anthropological history.  

The process of creating enables Lynne to connect with her spirituality and highest expression of self. Inspiration often springs from quiet moments taken in nature and mediation. Her process is intentional and intuitive – some ideas come fully formed, others are discovered in practice. She seeks to capture the aliveness of spirit in her work, she expresses the potential of now and the mysterious possibilities that lie within all of us.