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July 1 - July  10


 A Solo Exhibtion by
Freddie L. Rankin II

Curated by
Oladunni Oladipo

Opening Reception
July 2nd @ 6pm

NEW YORK, NY – East Village-based All Street Gallery is pleased to present Notes On Contentment, a solo exhibition of works by American abstract artist Freddie L. Rankin II (b.1988, Memphis, Tennessee). This singular exhibition focuses on a series of chemigram works that were birthed out of a four-year period of meditative ritual developed under rapid transformation and societal upheaval. Rankin will present a series of ‘camera-less’ photographs using a chemical process intermediated by his chosen materials of hand-hewn coffee beans and sand particles in an intimate environment in downtown Manhattan.  As the exhibition title invokes, these photographic abstractions probe our conceptions of fulfillment and resilience.

Through the artist’s long-standing practice in black-and-white film photography, Notes On Contentment extends beyond the literal and considers the output of embracing the unknown. These ‘camera-less’ photographs substantiate the very real and living praxis of Rankin’s belief in reevaluating narrow definitions of pleasure and power.

In the artist’s words, “contentment is not merely about satisfaction; it transcends the superficial, delving into the heart of our creative and personal struggles. Amidst societal upheaval and personal traumas, we find ourselves questioning the very foundations of joy and fulfillment. How do we find contentment in turmoil? How do we embody a daily practice of pleasure amidst chaos?”

Organized by curator Oladunni Oladipo, Notes On Contentment marks her second curated solo exhibition focused on abstraction. She has collaborated with varying abstract artists, including J. Bonegard with Eye-Minded at Akilian Gallery, Massachusetts in 2023 and her writing on contemporary art has been published in The Curator’s Pick and Sotheby’s.

Freddie L. Rankin II received a BA from Morehouse College, Georgia, in 2011 and an MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from Bard College, New York, in 2019. In 2024, Rankin’s work graced the January 2024 cover of New York Magazine. Work by the artist has been included in notable group exhibitions presented by Swivel Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (2022), regular normal, Meatpacking, New York (2021), and Tone Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee (2021), among others. The artist resides and works in New York.

For further information, please reach out to olamide@flrsglobal.com / gallery@allstnyc.com.

The exhibition will run from July 1 to July 10 at All Street Gallery, 77 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10003.

About All Street Gallery:

Founded in 2018, All Street NYC presents works by emerging and underrepresented artists whose works demonstrate social engagement and community empowerment. First established as an artist collective and grassroots protest organization by born and raised New Yorkers, All Street NYC is a space that is both created by and for artists. Having deep roots in New York City, the gallery and collective share a background in public art and activations as a means of creative protest and resistance. Such socially engaged work has carried into their gallery space as they opened their doors on 77 East Third Street, and as they now open their second location at 119 Hester Street.

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